Sprinter Mini-Bus & Sprinter Limousines

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mini Bus is quite the stylish, head turning high-performance shuttle that makes the business of moving people the perfect complement to a livery, limousine or any shuttle company that wants to express them as being the best of the best.   Equipped with the most advanced safety systems in its class, the Sprinter van can help protect you and your valuable passengers today and down the road.

Airport shuttles are typically people movers that are created with one thing in mind.  Transporting passengers to and from any airport with plenty of seating and luggage space for a comfortable ride.  Airport shuttles are designed with 10 side facing configurations along with four forward facing seats in the rear with room in the driver’s compartment for one more passenger.  A typical luggage bay at the top of the out swinging bus doors consists of two shelves 80” wide.  There are also different variations available for the installation of a rear luggage compartment.  Design and layout are adaptable to most customer and client needs.

With the evolving challenge to move more people using less fuel, Sprinter has been designed as a high capacity Commuter Shuttle as well.  With a tad less should than the Hotel shuttles and limousines, the Commuter Shuttle can get it done with 18 passengers.   Video equipment is also an option for passengers who like to sit back and watch a little television during their commute.  All of the Daimler Bus Commuter Shuttles have forward facing seats with seat belts and readily accessible grab handles.

Hotel Shuttles are typically a roomier experience as there are less passenger seats involved in the construction.  Once again, the Hotel Shuttle is built with forward facing seat with seat belts and grab handles.  The major difference is the addition of a spacious luggage compartment, located in the rear of the Sprinter Van and isolated by a fixed dividing wall.

One of the most important and versatile Sprinter vans in my opinion is the Para transit Shuttle.   The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Para transit Shuttle is available with a side or rear mounted high capacity wheelchair lift.  The Para transit is capable of 13 passengers plus a driver, or 8 passengers with two wheelchairs.  The Para transit is also ADA compliant.

If you are looking to have a custom built Mini Coach or limousine, you have find the right dealership.   We started a nationwide campaign to find the most reputable and capable up fitters for our Mini Coach and limousine needs.   Our goal was simple, find a company that would live by the Mercedes-Benz modo, “The best or nothing.”  A builder was needed that was capable of hand crafting finish work in such a meticulous manner that the product spoke for itself.   After many hours of due diligence and scrutiny, we f

Found someone that would actually fly technicians around the country if need be to work on any warranty issues that may have stumped certified Mercedes-Benz dealers or regional up fitters.   We certainly lucked out on that task, we found a limousine company 40 miles from our headquarters in MA.   Since we have had some rough luck in the past trying to put our hands on a Mini Bus product or a Mini Coach, we decided to have our own bus made for our inventory.    We took the two largest bus builders product in the country, brought them to our shop and invited our manufacturer to a meeting.  The outcome was fantastic, we learned what people do and do not like.  We learned what finish makes the difference between average and striking to look at.  We also learned that we have the ability to manufacturer a Mini Coach in half of the time of the competitors, simply because we actually stock the inventory that we need instead of relying on building a chassis to spec and waiting on a trip from Germany.   Once produced, we have made our own Custom Designed Mini Coach available to ship Nationwide to accommodate the high demand for the most refined, most fuel efficient, best in its class.


Now that you have some basic information on Mini Coach, let me get into a little more detail regarding our Executive and Limo coaches.

Depending on the class of the Coach that you want, this is where customization and imagination are limitless.  From GVWR ranges of 8550 Pounds and up to 11030 for the heavier hitters, we can help you establish which chassis works for you.  Either way, a class A CDL driver’s license is not a requirement to own and operate a Sprinter.  The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limousine is a far cry from ordinary.  These machines can range from a four passenger executive coach or a 10 passenger J seat style limousine and up to a 16 passenger luxury limousine that is suited for a King.  The most common Sprinter Limo that we see is a 10 passenger limousine that has a luggage compartment that can transform itself into one of the most self sufficient tail gate party vehicles that any university or NFL stadium has ever seen.  So popular, more and more professional athletes are enjoying Sprinter Coaches and sending their families and friends to their games for their ultimate enjoyment.

The Executive Coach Equipped with Direct TV and not one, not two but three 32” LCD televisions and an X BOX or Play Station console on demand, there is always plenty for all ages to enjoy.  The most adaptable Sprinter that I have seen had a 32” LCD TV in the rear of the Sprinter.  The locking hinged rear doors open up to a wide 270 degrees to ensure full access to your tailgate/storage compartment.  The beauty of this is, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Executive coach can bring a bride and groom from their wedding to see them off for a honey moon, only to turn around and stock up for a weekend football game with clients, friend or family.  The tailgate package pays dividends.  The rear compartment can fit luggage and outdoor grill and coolers with all of the fixings or up to 8 sets of golf clubs for a day on the links.  Don’t worry, if you don’t have a cooler, the interior refrigerator can keep your drinks chilled as well.  I could go on and on, I’ll save you the pain.    We have learned so much about this product and every client that we meet adds another layer of WOW to the capacity of these marvels.

Sprinter Van Towing Capacity and Payloads

Sprinter Van Towing Capacity and Payloads

To accent the sleek design of the new Mercedes Sprinter and to enhance the minimal carbon footprint is the impressive towing capacity and payload of such a fuel efficient vehicle. With any type of engineering or change, there is always some sort of give and take, it’s just science.

When compared to ALL of its competitors, the  Sprinter WINS at space, fuel economy and payload amongst every vehicle in its class.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter lineup has a payload that ranges from 2,948Lbs. To an impressive 6,318Lbs On its 144” Cab Chassis configuration. For the tradesman, that’s room for a lot of tools and cargo.

Sprinter Van Payload

If you plan on towing, the Sprinter van is the only van to offer the same ESP braking to your trailer brakes as well. This is done by the trailer wiring harness communicating directly with the Sprinter van on board computer. Towing capacity will vary from 5000Lbs up to 7500Lbs, above and beyond your onboard payload. That’s a lot of weight being pulled and STILL having the highest fuel economy in its class.

I’m going to use a plumber as an example, only because from my own experience I have seen more plumbers run the heaviest light to medium duty trucks on the road. I’m sure there are heavier guys, general contractors, demolition guys, I get it. I’m still using the plumber scenario!

A plumber carries Shelving, people, copper, plastic, tubing, glue, adhesives, aqua pex, heat pex etc. They also carry or could, carry copper tubing of different diameters. Let’s also assume that they carry a boiler and a 50 Gallon hot water tank ALL the time. I’m going to on the record saying that the average plumber carries around 2000 pounds to 2900 pounds worth of weight, including tare weight.

Our minimum payload vehicle with just about fit the bill. The 2948Lb figure that I gave you earlier was for a 170E Sprinter Van M2CA170E. Plumbers that we have sold to use 144”and 170” WB. That’s 3080 to 3479 in payload capacity. Good news, you have room for more gear before you need to think about our 3500 Model lineup.

If you insist though, you may be able to carry another half a dozen boilers with a payload of 5,485Lbs. I find that Mercedes-Benz made the understanding of the PAY LOAD and GVW a bit confusing for the consumer. Our 2500 has only a few hundred pound difference vs the GVW over the Chevy Duramax Diesel work van.

Oh, and by the way, more room inside to actually put some supplies away and get some work done.

One thing that I have notice is that tradesmen as a whole tend to travel a little bit leaner and meaner in today’s market. I guess we can attribute this to more and more supply houses in the market than the days of old.

Mercedes Sprinter Van History

sprinter van for sale


Step into your future, the Sprinter Guy Boston and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van are going to help you and your business get from where you are, to where you need to go.


With the rising cost of transportation and fuel prices in today’s market, Mercedes-Benz and the Sprinter product lineup are here to save our customers money, long and short term. Offering one of the cleanest and most efficient diesel engines in the world, there really is no other choice.


Sprinter van has been in production since 1995. Also tagged as Freightliner Sprinter and formerly Dodge Sprinter, yet always produced by the Daimler Corporation of Stuttgart Germany. Rebadged Sprinters are also sold by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. In 2010, Sprinter vans were budged using only the Mercedes-Benz three pointed star and the Freightliner tags in the United States.


Mercedes-Bens invented the Motor wagon in 1936. Mercedes-Benz prides itself on building the safest, longest lasting, efficient vehicles. First out of the gate in 1896 and with the introduction of the 260D in 1936, MB and Daimler AG, are and always have been the pioneers of the automobile industry and the leader in the commercial vehicle innovations. As seen in this time line that I have illustrated for you.


Year Mile-stone
1896 Mr. Gottlieb Daimler Created the first truck
1896 Mr. Karl Benz invented the first van called the “combination delivery vehicle”
1926 Benz and Daimler merged to form Daimler-Benz AG, which begins producing trucks and vans Under the Mercedes-Benz name.
1961 Ford introduces their van in the USA
1964 Chevrolet introduces their van in the USA
1981 Freightliner Corp. a US based company is purchased by Daimler-Benz
1995 Sprinter van is launched in Europe as a replacement for the MB T1 Van
2000 Sprinter introduces a new generation of diesel engines and the automated manual transmission
2001 Sprinter van officially launched in the USA under the Freightliner brand
2004 Sprinter Cab Chassis launched in the USA
2004 (ESP) Electronic Stability Control is comes standard for all Sprinter models, a safety first for the commercial vehicle class
2005 Sprinter reaches a record production of 150000 units
2005 Blu-TEC diesel technology makes its debut in the Mercedes-Benz truck
2006 (ESP) load adaptive becomes standard
• Sprinter is redesigned with a longer front end to enhance crash safety.
• (ABS) Automatic breaking system with automatic brake differential evolves into (ASR) Accelerated Skid Control.
2007 Gen II Sprinter is introduced to the US market
2007 Sprinter is voted “Van of the year” by Professional Van and Light Truck magazine
2008 Sprinter is again voted “Van of the year” by Professional Van and Light Truck magazine
2010 Sprinter under the Mercedes-Benz brand are introduced in the US for the first time
2010 One of the cleanest diesel diesels in the world, Blue TEC powers the Sprinter van
2012 Sprinter Van wins three VINCENTRIC Best fleet values in America Awards
2013 Second consecutive year the Sprinter wins three VINCENTRIC Best fleet values in America Awards
2013 Production of Sprinters reaches 2,200,000 units driving world wide
2013 2-Stage turbocharged diesel engine and 7G-TRONIC transmission deliver increased fuel economy
2014 Third Consecutive year the Sprinter wins three VINCENTRIC Best fleet values in America Awards



Depending on what type of business you own or work for, it’s more than likely that the Mercedes- Benz Sprinter van would be a great addition to your business. Even if your business requires the heaviest of vehicles, there is always a lighter duty application that is missing a solution. From Dog groomers to trades men, to sports enthusiast that require the best or nothing. I have seen Sprinters used for transportation of goods as well as high end, high profile executive armored coaches that provide a mobile office or a safe haven for traveling executives or dignitaries. For the lobstermen in Portland ME to the parcel service in Portland OR, there is a use.


If you need a Hotel or Airport shuttle, we can do that. If you need a bucket truck to service the fiber optic, cable TV or electrical field, we can do that. (Did you know that COX cable has over 18,000 Sprinter Vans in their fleet?) I’m pretty sure that they made a conscious decision to stick with a vehicle that does not let them down.
Do you want vehicle that has a higher residual value than any other light truck manufacturer in our segment? What about a vehicle that is the safest vehicle in its class to look out for your employees? How about saving 25 to as much as 50% on your fuel bills? I guess that the upfront cost does not seem so bad after all, now does it. If you are the fleet owner that is accustomed to putting 150,000 miles on their 1960’s chassis design that is ready for the scrap yard to be sold by the pound. I have seen Sprinters with as many as 340000 miles on them in MY service department and still running strong.


From my own personal experiences in life, I know that is the case more often than not. It’s amazing to think that you could possible see two to three times the value at the end of your Sprinters career compared to the competition.
Let’s talk about the different configurations with a little more detail. The sky truly is the limit when we talk about up fitting your Sprinter van. It may be as simple as personalizing your Sprinter with Genuine Sprinter Parts and Accessories. Or if you plan on building a $400,000 mobile office and personal assistant with all of the bells and whistles.